philosophy = pursuit of wisdom and knowledge

[Thanks to philg for making it so easy.]

This forum is aimed at helping us to think about photography. To think about the harder questions. Technical issues ('how') are addressed elsewhere, this explor es the nebulous issues ('why').

Topics do not have to be questions. Indeed, there will rarely be direct answers to these issues. Rather, I hope to promote discussions and dialogue, to explore the aesthetics and ethics, to analyse and synthesise.

Is this forum for experts only? No way! You are welcome to start a new topic, or respond to one, whether you have been a photographer for 20 years or 20 days. O r even if you've never picked up a camera.

Topics might include, for example: <UL> <LI>relationships between photography and other art forms/media <LI>the role of still photography in this world of MTV <LI>how much damage do beautiful photographs do to the photographed? <LI>was photographer X better than photographer Y? <LI>has anyone heard of photographer Z? <LI>how should I get inspiration? <LI>the ethics of street photography <LI>please look at my photographs, and let me know what you think <LI>I think sharpness is vital <LI>I think sharpness is pointless </UL>

Topics that will be ruthlessly deleted include, for example: <UL> <LI>how should I photograph a painting? (try

<LI>how long should I develop Delta 3200 in D76? (try one of the forums in B&W world)

<LI>how good is the new Nikon camera? (try the Camera Equipment forum) </UL>

In general, if there is a simple answer to a question, this is probably the wron g place to post the question.

Topics discussed here will be very personal. They may be very opinionated. I enc ourage opinions and discussions. I discourage wars. When an opinion is expressed , and you disagree with that opinion, feel free to argue the opposite. But you a re not to make personal slurs, insults, abuse or offensive remarks. You may find that you still disagree. That is fine. Indeed, it will be common.

OK, here's the forum.

It's your forum. Enjoy it!