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Thread: A project you wouldn't wan to miss! Have a look!

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    A project you wouldn't wan to miss! Have a look!

    Dear friends, collegues and contributors to the large format photography forum, I've already asked your attention for the WFPA and millennium project and some o f you have been very positive about it.Let me do it again, if you don't mind! It goes without saying that large format photographers are "Lone rangers" but I believe that this association can be good for us all. Have a look into the proje ct, the millennium project ,I mean, and have a look at the issues that the WFPA addresses or the potential to make us stronger and put the large format photogr aphy into the next millennium with renewd energy and promoting this all too ofte n forgotten photographic way of doing things. Check out the site of the creator of this initiative at the URL http:// and if you are so kind, to spread this around friends of the large format photog raphy throughout the world. Regards Andrea Milano

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    A project you wouldn't wan to miss! Have a look!

    Sorry folks again a mis-typed url!!!!!

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