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Thread: Michael Kenna Retrospective - Seattle & Tacoma

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    Michael Kenna Retrospective - Seattle & Tacoma

    I'm a Kenna fan and want to pass this information on to others in the area.

    The Tacoma Art Museum Is showing a two part Michael Kenna Retrospective, "Memories and Meditations". The first part opens this coming Saturday, Oct. 6th and runs thru Jan. 6th. The second part opens Jan. 11th and runs thru March 24th.

    There Will also be a Kenna exhibit at the Gail Gibson Gallery in Seattle, "Michael Kenna in France" starting Oct. 22nd and running thru December 22nd.

    Michael will attend various receptions during these events.

    Dan Williams
    Enumclaw WA

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    Re: Michael Kenna Retrospective - Seattle & Tacoma

    Any LF in that. I thought Kenna was more square (...blad).

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    Re: Michael Kenna Retrospective - Seattle & Tacoma

    Some of his early work is large format.

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    Re: Michael Kenna Retrospective - Seattle & Tacoma

    Monique's Kindergarten (1997) is the one body of work he did in large format.

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    Re: Michael Kenna Retrospective - Seattle & Tacoma

    I really like his work and have admiration for his passion and work ethic. I wish I could see his prints up close.

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: Michael Kenna Retrospective - Seattle & Tacoma

    I thought his attempt at LF and the Kindergarten thing was a misfire; but otherwise, it is
    interesting to see his actual prints. Reminds me of Bill Brandt in some ways, not in others.
    He's a local, so it's amusing to see a shot of something familiar to me, yet done in that kind
    of miniaturist grainy high-contrast style, as if it transpired in the Middle Ages, with knights running around in armor. Wish he'd get a sizable exhibition down here, in his own backyard, though some examples of his work can always be found at certain commercial galleries.
    Although he's probably had zero influence on my own style, I certainly enjoy his work.

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    Re: Michael Kenna Retrospective - Seattle & Tacoma

    The Photo Alliance brought Mr. Kenna to speak & slideshow at their monthly lecture series here in SF a couple years ago. I attended, and <whew!> Michael's kinda long-winded.
    He showed a massive assortment of his work over the years. And talked at length about how much, it seems, above all he loves to travel.

    Locally I guess he's represented by Stephen Wirtz Gallery at 49 Geary, and they seem to always have a few Kenna on display in the back gallery.

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