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Thread: Very tall tripod?

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    Re: Very tall tripod?

    Quote Originally Posted by mandoman7 View Post
    If budget is an issue, the old Bogen/Manfrotto 3036 model (3035?) will get you to about 9 or 10 ft., and can be found for under $100. Another alternative is to attach a tripod head to a clamp and then find something sturdy to attach that to.
    I've got a Bogen 3058 that gets about this tall, or taller, although I've never used it anywhere near fully extended because that would involve bringing a big ladder with me and at that point I might as well do what others have suggested and make a mount for the tripod head at the top of the ladder!


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    Re: Very tall tripod?

    I use this for 4x5 when my gitzo 3531 isn't tall enough:
    It is carbon fiber, and goes up to 100". I paid about $500, and have been very happy with it. Super lightweight for the size, very solid at typical working heights, and still pretty solid when fully extended. The column and the sticks lock down very tight, and are easy to use.

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    Re: Very tall tripod?

    if you can get your hands on an old Gitzo Giant, do it. Amazing tripods, heavy, but amazing. Pair it up with a collapsible ladder and you're set.

    really been priceless for the recent stuff I'm doing to get more elevated perspective.

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    Re: Very tall tripod?

    Majestic 4800 goes up over 10', can support probably 75-85lbs at that height and even has a geared head so you don't need an additional heavy-duty PT, or ballhead. Can be got for less than $300 and it just so happens I have one I'd sell for a reasonable price!

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    Re: Very tall tripod?

    I have a giant gitzo as well for architectual shots. Anything I need taller than that I will use one of my heavy duty ladders witha Gitzo head screwed to it.

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