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Thread: Kodak T-max vs. Ilfotec DD-X

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    Kodak T-max vs. Ilfotec DD-X

    Does any one know if there is any difference between Kodak T-max developer and Ilfotec DD-X , or is this like the difference between D76 and ID-11? Thanks

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    Kodak T-max vs. Ilfotec DD-X

    some would say very little difference - but I've used T-Max for HP5 and didn't like it - used DD-X and it gives great results... still trying to deide between 1:4 and 1:9 though

    + Kodak doesn't recomend T-Max for sheet film (only T-MaxRS)
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    Kodak T-max vs. Ilfotec DD-X

    There are many well know photographers that use T Max RS exclusively and others that continue to use D 76 as well as many other old developer formulations because they simply like the predictability they afford them.

    Considering the fact that each person has a unique like/dislike criteria in this highly subjective art form, it is important to go through the process of giving several developers you might want to use a trial and print the results and compare the results side by side. Only then will you be in a position to know what you find appealing in the end result. I know some casual shooters that continue to randomly go back in forth among developers without any progress towards an end result. Nobody likes testing, but without it in some form along with continuous documentation of your photographic process, will you ever be able to fine tune your image making.

    I like T Max RS but am testing it currently against Xtol and Pyrocat HD to see what one works best for my visual palate.


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