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Thread: Is This Forum Too Gear Oriented?

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    Re: Is This Forum Too Gear Oriented?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dakotah Jackson View Post
    Yes.. all this talk about Large Format gear and nothing about Minox or half frame cameras. ;-)
    It's a large format forum. What size is your monitor?
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    Re: Is This Forum Too Gear Oriented?

    Quote Originally Posted by BradS View Post
    Its getting to the point where the for sale section is the only part of the forum I enjoy lately.
    Threads in the rest of the forum invaribly degenerate into a few regulars engagining in a pissing contest.
    Even the for sale posts go that direction all too often.
    I just started a technique thread yesterday. Do I get bonus points?

    And already, there are lines being drawn in that thread.

    Plenty of pissing in the gear threads, too, though it stands to reason there would be a lot of activity there--that's where new folks need initial help.

    But I don't look at individual sub-forums--this overall forum is just not that big. I look at "New Posts", and skip past the titles that either don't interest me or that ask questions into which I have no insight (and that's a lot of them). I usually don't even notice what sub-forum they are in, and the only time I look at a sub-forum is when I want to post something. And with that I realize my technique thread went into "On Photography" where it should not have--I didn't notice that super-secret Style and Technique sub-forum.

    Nothing generates pissing, though, like discussions about photography and art. It seems to me those should be the most considered threads here, but that is often not the case.

    Rick "take what you need and leave the rest" Denney

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