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Thread: Community Darkroom Project in East Nashville

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    Community Darkroom Project in East Nashville

    John Haubenreich is trying to put together a community darkroom in Nashville. I thought there might be some interest from some of the Nashville area LFers. So...anyone? You can get in touch with me directly or make a post on the East Nashville List Serve via the link below. Thanks!

    Here is an excerpt from John's original post:
    As a amateur photographer who still loves working with film, I wanted to reach out to other like-minded folks for input/help on a project I'm heading up. I have a darkroom setup at home, and still develop my negatives and do prints, but would love a community darkroom space to work in. My little hole is dusty and limited, and I know there are a lot of folks out there who don't even have access to a darkroom at all.

    Here's the pitch: Sophia's Heart is a nonprofit organization that took over the old hospital at the corner of Gallatin and Eastland. I've been starting to work with those folks, and pitched the idea of using some of the space (they have a TON of it) to create a community darkroom. My thought would be that it would be a way (1) for the community to get involved with Sophia's Heart, (2) to raise a little money for the nonprofit (I'm envisioning a small monthly fee for access/maintenance/chemicals), and (3) to hopefully expand to teach classes, etc. and work with the students and families that Sophia's Heart will be reaching out to, in addition to other community members.

    So here's the question: Who out there would be interested in having access to a community darkroom? How much per month would you be willing to pay for access to enlargers, equipment, and chemicals? (it would be BYOP -- bring your own paper) Is anyone else out there interested in helping me get this off the ground?

    Thanks so much!

    John Haubenreich
    Will Wilson

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    Re: Community Darkroom Project in East Nashville

    A wonderful idea and I hope it comes to fruition !
    notch codes ? I only use one film...

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