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Thread: Scouting locations tomorrow...

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    Scouting locations tomorrow...

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    Re: Scouting locations tomorrow...

    Looks nice. At the least it will be a lot cooler than the valley! It's 104 here in Columbia, at the moment! Ack!

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    Re: Scouting locations tomorrow...

    Have fun, I walked a short length of that road with 4x5 a long time ago... backpacking along Dinky Creek and I think we called the small branch Cow Creek. Dinky Dome will be below your road and on your right... I really enjoyed the rocky terrain there... When I was there a good area was burned out, it felt like Disneyland with the lights turned on. I am sure the forest healed by now.

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    Re: Scouting locations tomorrow...

    That of course is my old backyard, John. The Forest Service does a very good job of posting 4WD route difficulties and warnings at critical intersections, but this can vary from
    year to year. Just be aware of what they call beginner 4WD difficulty can be downright
    nasty by common standards or early season. You can check on the specifics at the main
    FS office up at Prather. There is also a FS road which leaves for Dinkey Wilderness just
    before reaching the fishing camp, with some great geology and easy dayhikes into the
    lakes, with incredible groundcover color in late Sept. Generally suitable for ordinary trucks
    by July, though 4WD helps. But you probably already know the spot. Typically mosquito hell in July.

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