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Thread: Seller in Japan

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    Seller in Japan

    Does anyone here know of a reliable LF retailer directly in Japan? I'm considering a budget 5x7 field camera. Would appreciate if you include information on prices, mode of payment and shipping details if you have a good experience with the seller. Thanks.

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    Seller in Japan

    Why not call Jim at MidWest instead? He makes regular buying trips to Japan every few months and is always willing to make a special purchase for someone. I suspect his knowledge of the local markets, ability to buy wholesale there, etc. will get you a cheaper price than yoru dealing direct. Certainly worth a try. In the past year he has gottenme several items in Japan that cost me no more than I would have spent buying direct from retailers there.

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    Seller in Japan

    Ted, thanks for the lead. I might do just that.

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