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Thread: Just got my first LF Camera - Kodak 2D!!

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    Re: Just got my first LF Camera - Kodak 2D!!

    Quote Originally Posted by txc500 View Post
    oh, I see, thank you. That explains it because the color of the wood is different.
    Just in case the tilt thingy doesn't serve your purposes, Richard Ritter added front tilt to my first 2D. The cost was $250 (about 7-8 years ago) and it worked very well. It does mess up the originality of the camera but it looked fine and 2Ds aren't collector items so that didn't bother me.
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    Re: Just got my first LF Camera - Kodak 2D!!

    I wouldn't recommend modifying the camera until you're very familiar with it. That way you can make an informed choice as to whether you really need front tilt.
    You can get the equivalent of front tilt with a 2D by doing the following.
    1. Level camera.
    2. Use back tilt to get the focus plane that you want.
    3. Using the tripod head, tilt the whole camera until the back is plumb.
    4. Use front rise to get back the original composition.

    It's a little more work than having front tilt directly, but it's not that bad. Also, Mr. Ritter can make you a front tilt lens board if needed. I have one, but I usually don't use it.

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    Re: Just got my first LF Camera - Kodak 2D!!

    That's a nice kit, I have the same setup. These Crown/Graflex tripod tilts work ok with smaller cameras like 5x7s. But remember to always tighten the two tilt nuts even when it's folded flat. There is nothing worse than forgetting to do that, then picking up the camera on the tripod to move somewhere and having it flop foward. The hinges are light and it could break right off. Just keep them snug and they work fine....for smaller cameras. I don't like them for 8x10s.

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