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Thread: Best film scanning services in Paris and New York?

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    Best film scanning services in Paris and New York?

    Hi folks,

    It's been a few years since I have been here, and it's nice to come back and realize what a resource this forum continues to be.

    I have a photographer friend in Paris who is looking for high quality scanning/retouching services (drum, Scitex, perhaps Imacon, etc.) in Paris and New York for all formats, mostly 35mm chrome, but all the way up to 4x5 neg in color and b+w. The output is mostly for books she publishes. Paris is highly preferable, but she can travel to NY.

    Given that I work only with Digital Fusion in LA, where I am very happy for my own work, I realized that I am out of the loop on where else one might go.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Happy shooting and all the rest to you,


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    Re: Best film scanning services in Paris and New York?

    In Paris (France) and surroudings, a few addresses have been listed on the French MF/LF photo forum
    This info from May 2012

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