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Thread: Change To Guidelines

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    Change To Guidelines

    As a result of discussion on the forum that took place a couple of weeks ago, the guidelines have been updated. The "Classifed" portion has been changed to the following:

    "Classifieds (for sale or wanted adds) and commercial postings are not allowed in this forum and will be deleted. Refer to the LF page for links to places dedicated to them. Regular posters may announce, in a non-repetitive way, educational events such as workshops and conferences, as well as gallery openings."

    With respect to this change, announcements for educational events can include a link back to a webpage for further information. Please announce only gallery openings in which the poster's own work is displayed.

    We recognize that the advantage of posting want-ads and for-sale ads on the Large Format Photography webpage is a need for many users. For this reason, we are looking towards adding a separate location for these types of announcements.

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    Change To Guidelines

    Thank You!!!
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