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Thread: Toyoview CX worries

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    Toyoview CX worries

    I'm considering selling my rosewood Wista 4X5 DX because I want a sturdier monor ail camera. The Toyo 45CX seems like a good deal, price wise. But I'm worried that it has to o much plastic and won't stand up to studio and field work. Would I be better of f buying a used Sinar (new ones too expensive) or Arca Swiss? Thanks for opinions.

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    Toyoview CX worries

    You're on the right track with the economy-model Toyo cameras; the rail blocks f or the standards are plastic and crack when over-tightened. Or iow, there's nothing wrong with the design; the problem is caused by users who think they have to turn the lock knobs down as hard as they can get 'em to g o. For a monorail I'd recommend a Sinar F, F+ or F1, and avoid the Alpina or A1 s imply because of its huge fixed long rail. Monorails are monsters compared to the Wista. Why not a Toyo 45AII or AX?

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    Toyoview CX worries

    The Arca-Swiss Discovery is a nice sturdy camera, at a good price, and would be more like your Wista in terms of weight and portability than some other monorails. Get in touch with Badger Graphic ( in Wisconsin.

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    Toyoview CX worries

    Hi Ben, Don't sell the wista, you'll regret it. Buy the Arca but let the Toyo be where it is. There is no comparison between the two. Sinar f or similar(f2) aren't half as good as the Arca. Seeing is buying. A monorail isn't a field camera and will never be but Arca's are small, easy to carry and have full range of movements. Regards

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    Toyoview CX worries

    I used a Toyo view for years and never had a problen with the construction or opertation. Any material will break if overtightened. I traded it in on a Sinar P. It's really apples and oranges. They're both view cameras.. (and the camera dosen't take the picture anyway)...but the Sinar will just give you much more repeatble control and precision. I also use a Sinar F-1 as a location (field) camera. It's smaller and lighter and I can use all of my lenses and the accessories I have. I've never liked "platform" type field cameras. I've found that... even in the field...being able to take advantage of the full movement capability of the camera allows me to be able to consistently be able to work at the optimum apertures my lenses were designed for..i.e. f16-22. I've never regretted going into hock to purchace the Sinar.

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    Toyoview CX worries

    I would also go with a used Arca over the Sinar. The big Sinars (C&P) are great. But on the lighter weight endof the scale the F-series Arca-Swiss cameras (inc luding the Discovery) have them beat. The Toyo is designed as a economical stude nt camera: has all movements etc, but seems big and heavy & limited for extensiv e field use. Sinar F seies and Arca F series cameras have a yaw free base tilt d esign, this is very handy.

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    Toyoview CX worries

    Photo Techniques rated thr Sinar P2 the world's best camera a coupla years ago, that was good enough for me. I bought a used mint Sinar f-1 for less than $1000, it is a fine piece of equipment. Though not flawless, it is nice. I considered the Toyo, but was impressed with two point focus and DOF calculaters built into the F-1. I would think the Arca Swiss is probably as good. Chet

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