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Thread: New Alternatives to the V700?

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    Re: New Alternatives to the V700?

    Thanks for the link to that Plustek again Drew. I wish this one would soon get into photographer hands for a review!
    Not because I really believe this line "The OpticFilm 120 reaches an image quality level that is typically achieved by drum scanners.", but because it supports 6x12cm frames.
    I know my interest in a 612 camera or back would skyrocket if I didn't have to stitch from Nikon (time consuming), or use flatbed (lower res).

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    Re: New Alternatives to the V700?

    Quote Originally Posted by drew.saunders View Post
    New and under $1000 means a flatbed, for which the 700/750 are probably your best bet. For medium format, the best used would be a Nikon Coolscan 8000 or 9000, but even used, those are going for much more than $1000. The only new medium format film scanner out there, and I don't think it's shipping yet, is the Plustek:
    OH my drool drool i gotta have...

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