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Thread: Mac versus PC

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    Mac versus PC

    I have had a really bad experience with apple's G5 quad core computer and it has turned me into a hardcore PC enthusiast. I don't know why people buy mac computers. They are overpriced and you can build a much higher quality PC on your own. I know there are a lot of Mac users in this forum and I just don't get it. What is so great about a mac?

    Inside it is just a regular nothing special PC, at best it is only slightly better then the very worse prebuilt PC's. There are much much better parts out there to build your own PC, and some companies actually sell prebuilt PC's with top tier parts.

    For example there are dozens of companies always competing to produce the best possible cooling systems. Every year new innovative CPU coolers are brought to the market that surpass last years best. There are plenty of review sites that show actual benchmarks proving which CPU cooler is the best. It is said that a reduction of 1 degree Celsius increases the life of a CPU by 10%. Wouldn't you want the most efficient highest quality CPU cooler in your system? The stuff apple uses is no where near competitive with whats on the market. Why use a stock CPU cooler when a high end one might run your system 20 degrees cooler?

    I just don't get it. Is it that the buyers of apple computers just don't know better or that they don't want to do any research into quality PC options?

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    Re: Mac versus PC

    yikes, if there was ever a message that merits the "Don't feed the trolls!" reply, this might be it.

    but to actually reply to this (shouldn't, i know) : It's the OS, it's not about the hardware.

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    Re: Mac versus PC

    To turn the topic a little (maybe into more interesting territory) even Microsoft has realized that there isn't and isn't going to be much innovation in the PC-world. If it wants to survive in the long term it needs to have its own hardware (thus the new tablet). Which raises the question, what are the top five technical innovations from the top PC makers, in the last ten years? I'm blanking...


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    Re: Mac versus PC

    I've got an IT related business that has lots of computers. We never suffer computer failure because the CPU wasn't cool enough with the factory cooling. Doesn't happen (statistically speaking) The mad CPU cooling craze is largely for overclocking hobbyist/gamer people; and yes, if you use the processor in a manner beyond what's it's intended, you will need extra cooling and risk the longevity of the machine. Computers do fail or exhibit problems when a cooling system gets clogged with dust or animal hair, but that is usually fixed with an air compressor cleaning.

    Some people like their macs and will keeping buying them, even at a premium price. It's called brand loyalty. I'm kinda agnostic and use linux, windows, and mac. Mac has a good operating system for internet security that is worth a slight premium over microsoft. I would not dare let a kid (or morally loose adult) recreationally surf the Internet with Windows and all the spyware from "free game" sites, adult sites, etc.. and accidently landing on those sorts of sites. Mac or LInux would be far safer for those Internet unknowns. My home windows computer is used for photo editing/management and that only.

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    Re: Mac versus PC

    The Mac hardware has always been pleasingly designed and simple to integrate compared to a PC. And the OS is also easier to set-up and maintain. Mac apps are more consistent, and usually more stable. The user interface is nicer, even to the fonts, although Windows has come a long way from the old days. As a graphic designer it is really hard to forgive them for Arial....

    Go look at laptops. None are as clean and tightly built as a MacBook Pro or Air, at any price.

    Sure if you are an experienced PC user who likes building computers then great, go for it. But for a lot of us, it is worth a few bucks more not to build computers and to have everything pretty well specced and matched at a fair price. How much is your time worth? More than any price differential I hope!

    Same for the OS, on the Mac they've tested and considered it far deeper than Windows, and if you watch an experienced Mac user with a reasonable system, they can fly through stuff at least as fast or better than a similarly experienced PC user with a system of the same value.

    From quality fonts, Postscript printing, optical drives, color profiling, dual monitor support, etc. most of the tools we depend on originated on the Mac.

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    Like has been said its the OS. OS X is so much more intuitive to use. in addition to that a lot of people like to have one place to go to for support. Being able to get face to face tech support for your hardware and software at Apples Genius Bar is HUGE for a lot of people. And on top of that Apples customer service has been ranked incredibly high for years.

    Besides most people out there don't want to "build" a computer they just want to buy and use one.
    Zak Baker

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    Re: Mac versus PC

    The hardware available for PC's was so much better that apple dumped IBM and started using mainstream PC components. All of the upgrades to Apples lines of computers are a result of advancing PC technology.

    I'm sure I am missing a lot but here are a few innovations that PC's have brought us.

    The invention of the tablet PC
    PCI express 3.0
    Trim for SSD drives
    Vapor chamber cooled video cards
    USB 3.0
    AMD bulldozer
    Much better CPU coolers
    Power caching in power supplies
    All improvements to x86 and 64 bit CPU's
    SLI video card's
    iodrive from fusion io
    USB drives
    open GL / CL
    OCZ's HSDL

    Quote Originally Posted by Darin Boville View Post
    To turn the topic a little (maybe into more interesting territory) even Microsoft has realized that there isn't and isn't going to be much innovation in the PC-world. If it wants to survive in the long term it needs to have its own hardware (thus the new tablet). Which raises the question, what are the top five technical innovations from the top PC makers, in the last ten years? I'm blanking...


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    Re: Mac versus PC

    So what you are really doing with this thread is trying to justify the custom PC you are trying to sell?

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    Re: Mac versus PC

    Mac vs PC? Are we really going to do this? Please don't.

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    Re: Mac versus PC

    If you put the same quality components in two computers, maintain the OS, drivers and software, and run the machine within stated temperature and humidity specs, the only real difference is one's comfort level with the user interface.

    Some folks like Hydrox cookies, and others like Oreos, but the bottom line is that they are still...just cookies; just like a computer is still...just a computer.


    ps: Research continues into the question as to which is best, Oreos or Hydrox. But that's a discussion for another day.
    Preston-Columbia CA

    "If you want nice fresh oats, you have to pay a fair price. If you can be satisfied with oats that have already been through the horse; that comes a little cheaper."

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