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Thread: Scanview Scanmate Plus - Colour Problems...

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    Scanview Scanmate Plus - Colour Problems...

    Hi, I've finally got my recently acquired Scanview Scanmate Plus running with ColorTrio on a Mac G3 but I'm having problems with lack of colour in the scans.

    The scanner performs three passes (one for each colour channel I assume) however the results of both preview and scan turn out essentially grey-scale with virtually identical data in all three channels, shadows are also heavily clipped with tones that are easily scanned on a flatbed turning out completely black in the drum scan.

    I performed a white point calibration before each test and tried both transmissive and reflective scans with similar results.

    Thinking it might be the bulbs I swapped them out with some spares that came with the scanner but this had not effect.

    I assume scanners of this type employ some kind of colour filter which must change for each pass, could this be faulty? How could I diagnose this?

    Could it be a software problem?

    Is it a lost cause?



    I also posted this on the yahoo ScanHi-End group but thought I'd ask the knowledgeable folks on here as well.

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    Re: Scanview Scanmate Plus - Colour Problems...

    Hi Paul,

    Just noticed your post. Don't know if you have solved your problem yet. I don't have a solution for you - unfortunately. Have you tried the Scan hi-end forum on yahoo?

    My Scanview 5000 does all three colors in a single pass, which I thought was standard. Colors get split into three separate color-filtered PMTs.

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    Re: Scanview Scanmate Plus - Colour Problems...

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the reply, I did ask in the Scan hi-end yahoo group but got no response.

    It became clear that I was never going to get good results from the scanner, I paid very little for it knowing that it might never work so I ended up giving it away to somebody who might be able to use it for parts.


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