When I started developing with Pyro Developer like PMK, along with it I started working with HP5+ instead of TMax films.. I do not know why! I think because I read that HP5+ would work best with pyro. After 2 years I run out of HP5+ and came back to Tmax 400, and develop with pyro. I was so pleased with the results! Tmax is a magic with the pyro! I notes that all my HP5+ negatives are low in contrast, and would not come close to the wonderful look of the Pt/pd print that made with Tmax negative. Now... what should I do with my 11x14 HP5+ to increase contrast in developing with Pyro PMK or Pyro-Max or Pyro-HD? is there is any 11x14 TMax400? Or any good alternative of 11x14 HP5+?
Any comments are welcome.