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Thread: North Dome hike.

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    North Dome hike.

    I recently hiked to the top of North Dome in Yosemite and WOW the view is unreal. The hike was pretty easy, mostly level ground but when you start to see Half Dome it looks HUGE.I could see a mountain through the trees and then BAM there's half Dome. The face of Half Dome from this view shows off all of Half Domes character. I did not get attacked by mosquitoes this hike which was nice.I was able to shoot 4-5 sheets from atop N Dome.The Tioga Rd is very scenic especially near Lee Vining area.The sky up there had beautiful cloud formations unlike in the valley.All in all a very good trip I'll try to post some B&W photos.

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    Re: North Dome hike.

    No images with your post, but since I have printed a couple 16x20's from 4x5's taken from on top of North Dome, I know what they might look like!

    Did you make the side trip to Indian Rock?


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