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Thread: Jobo 1000 Problems - Stops on Color, Works on B&W.

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    Re: Jobo 1000 Problems - Stops on Color, Works on B&W.

    Sorry for my poor English ;-)

    I meant I think that I just overpaid by buying the Jobo version, as it really has the same label as here:

    I actually bought it for the mobile water supply (version with the jack plug).
    Now I have an overengineered water supply on steroids ;-)
    using the Jobo Heater (from the mobile water supply kit) in a canister,
    in combination with a Shurflo caravan pump which gives me up to 3 bar pressure.

    As I extracted the old pump, I saw that it really looks the same, just red.

    What I meant in regard to Mr. Seynsche:
    As I approached Mr. Seynche I did only mention that I have a Comet Elegant 12V pump,
    and did not say anything about that I bought it from Jobo.
    That demonstrates that the Jobo Pump version is no different from the comet Elegant version.

    And I mean, what could go wrong anyway? It's just a circulation pump ...
    My setup runs stable now for many hours, so that's proof enough for me anyways ;-)


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    Re: Jobo 1000 Problems - Stops on Color, Works on B&W.

    Glad to hear it EOTS. I found one of eBay for about $20 delivered from the UK. Plan to have my ATL1000 up and running again soon.
    Gavin Seim - Pictorialist, Portraitist, Writer, Podcaster

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