I picked up a Jobo CPA-2 fairly recently, with the lift - the lift arm doesn't work very well although it might just need some adjusting, but that's fine. I can manually lift it. I think the important bit is the funnel and exit tube rather than the arm itself, if that's correct? It came with a bunch of drums - a 2840, 2 x 2563 and a 2561. Not sure if those mean anything to anyone. The 2563 and 2561 looks identical except it looks like the 2561 has a magnet at the bottom.

My questions are:

- How much chemistry would I have to use? Some of the online docs I've found talk about 600-700ml+ but I'm not sure if they're talking about using it as an inversion tank or if they're using it with the Jobo processor. Seems like a lot of chemicals to use with continuous agitation.
- I've got a 4x5 reel for it. How many sheets do you guys usually develop at once with it?
- Does anyone have any PDF manuals for it? I've had a look at the Jobo site and found some online docs but they were HTML and not very in depth. Just wondering if there's anything a little more informative!

I'm also looking for other tips and advice on using this thing, so if there's anything you think I might need to know, fire away!

I think that's it for now. Thinking about loading my first film and giving it a go this evening.