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Thread: Dropped my Technika IV

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    Re: Dropped my Technika IV

    And is the back still properly aligned to the front standard when everything is at the 0 position?

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    Re: Dropped my Technika IV

    It seems strange that only the rods were affected. I have 3 of them, the fourth is in use by my Technika IV. The rotating parts at the end are very stiff - I have soaked them in fluid but they are still very stiff to rotate.

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    Re: Dropped my Technika IV

    Thanks for all the help and info everyone and thanks linhofbiker for kindly sending me your spare rods.
    I too was surprised by how little damage the camera actually took from its fall. . . after I collected myself and set to reshaping what was bent. A testament to the construction of the Linhof that only the rods broke (and at the weak point of the ball joints.
    I've since tested everything and when I get the rods it'll be like this never happened.

    I'm glad there a supportive community out there for this kind of thing.
    Happy shooting all


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