Help me find this camera (link) again.


A few days ago I stumbled upon pictures of a very nicely made DIY stereo(6x6) camera.

It had a replaceable 617 lens so it could be used as a stereo or panorama,I think it is a very clever design.

Also it had a auxilary reflex lens on top of this for the focusing and viewing.

It was made with wood with gold trims and separate bellows for the picture taking lens and viewing lens.

It seemed like every part was made(machined) by the maker.

I vaguely remember he is located in China (or east Asia).

It had a mechanical link for the sutters(for stereo).

I found it thru the link of one forum thru another forum etc.. so I could not trace back.
(Somehow,it was not in my search history)

Anyone seen this homemade camera or have the link?

I would greatly appreciate if someone can help me.

Thank you in advance.

Koo Young