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Thread: Fuji E6 Chemistry NYC (Lower Manhattan)

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    Fuji E6 Chemistry NYC (Lower Manhattan)

    I received an order of Fuji Pro 6 (E6) chemistry a few days ago and would love to split it with someone for cost + shipping paid ($320 each).

    Except for the starters, this will split pretty nicely, you would just need 3 good 1/2 gallon containers for the starters, the rest is packaged evenly and individually. You would also need some way to transport, a dolly, cart, car, etc.

    With the exception of the bleach and second developer, the capacity of half this order is quite great, beyond 20L, I would guess. And far beyond that for some parts.

    Instructions for mixing 1L at a time included with chemistry.

    First Developer Starter - 60001013 - 1G
    First Developer Replenisher - 600005444 - 4x10L

    Conditioner Plus (pre-bleach) - 600008664 - 4x10L

    Reversal Bath - 600005442 - 10x8L

    Bleach Starter - 600005446 - 1G
    Bleach Replenisher - 600005447 - 2x5L

    Developer Starter - 600005443 - 1G
    Developer Replenisher - 600005460 - 2x10L

    Fixer Replenisher - 600005468 - 4x10L

    Final Rinse - 600005452 - 12x10L

    Please message me if interested.


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    Re: Fuji E6 Chemistry NYC (Lower Manhattan)

    Where'd you get this stuff?
    Fuji E-6 in the U.S. is hard to come by.

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    Re: Fuji E6 Chemistry NYC (Lower Manhattan)

    Yeah, I'm interested, too. While I still have plenty of Kodak E-6 chemicals (except for Bleach, which I'll have to restock soon) to last me another year at least, it's going to run out at some point, and I may want to start thinking about group purchases of Fuji E-6.

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    Re: Fuji E6 Chemistry NYC (Lower Manhattan)

    Just mixed up another 1L of this. I plan to develop 4x5 and 120 Astia tonight and remembered this thread from last year (sorry for the delayed response!).

    As to where I got this stuff, I contacted: and a rep got in touch.

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    Got some decent results ... Mamiya C330, 80mm f/2.8 / RAP100F

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