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Thread: Information on these lenses

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    Information on these lenses

    Hi Everyone

    Can anyone help me with a cople of lenses that I was given together with a lot of other stuff, the first lens is a Busch's Aplanatsatz there is not a size on it,it has an iris but the stops are numbered 1 - 12 12 is closed and 1 is full open on each of the front and back lens barrel is stamped III, the lens is 50 mm long and the lens barrels are 34mm OD, I would like to know how I can work out the size and know if it is rare.

    The second lens is a Busch's Rapid Aplanat No 4 Foc 13" can you tell me anything about the lens I am new into Vintage Cameras so please forgive my ignorance.

    I was also given two plate camers a Sanderson which takes a Half Plate I,ve been told, and a Contessa Deck Rullo Nettel 4 1/2 x 3 1/4 both are in very good condition, I'll be back later on to find out about these.

    Thank you all very much

    Mike J

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    Re: Information on these lenses


    Use the search function to find references to your lenses, e.g., this one.


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