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Thread: Large Format Workshop (Central Virginia)

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    Large Format Workshop (Central Virginia)

    LARGE FORMAT WORKSHOP in scenic central Virginia (Lexington) for June 11-13. No registration fee, no formal instructor, but carefully organized. Field trips and hikes to water falls and scenic areas. Classroom sessions with print exhibi ts, etc. Generous discussion and interaction time with LF participants. Studen t-quality darkroom available during workshop.

    If interested, email me direct for a full description of the workshop. David L. DuPuy

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    Large Format Workshop (Central Virginia)

    A (simple) web page is now available which describes the workshop, the schedule, the surroundings, along with an application form to attend.


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    Large Format Workshop (Central Virginia)

    Still interested in attending. Have been unable to access your web site. Please advise. Thanks Eric lohse

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