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Thread: A lens choice thank you

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    A lens choice thank you

    I have noticed that since I asked the "Which lens to choose" question there has been a number of others and I am sure mine was preceeded by a hundred others. Ernest sent me his book about choosing a lens. It is by all means not the prescription for that magic bullet we all are looking for but it was extremely helpful. It helped me wade through the technical stuff and make what I hope were informed decisions. I have been super swamped at work and school so I thought I would offer this Thank you in public

    First let me say thank you Ernest. Your manuscript got rid of most of the confusion about buying a lens without ever saying I "should buy____". It is a guide, and it fills the gaping hole in this area.

    If I may be so bold as to say that this information was well worth paying for, and you gave it to me. Thank you.

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    A lens choice thank you

    You're very welcome, and I am glad to hear that you found the information helpful.

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    A lens choice thank you

    My kudos to Ernest as well. He also offered and sent me the lens book he compiled and is a valuable source to this forum. Unsolicited generosity seems to be a rarity these days.

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