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Thread: Imaging With A Lens

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    Imaging With A Lens

    Recently, there have been a few posts regarding DIY lenses, or lens spacings-

    I came across this site, which has a useful java applet embedded in it-
    It's a little bit small, but it's possible to view it larger, any size you want, by checking for the source code, and refining the display parameters on a locally hosted bit of HTML- but don't tell anyone I told you that-

    It looks like the page was written by a M Peterson, of Mount Holyoke College, in Massachusetts, so thanks go to him-

    It might take a little bit of figuring out, the units will need to be scaled to suit whatever you're working on, but if you're buying individual surplus optics, it might be of some help-

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    Re: Imaging With A Lens

    Thanks for web page on this subject matter :
    Lauren MacIntosh

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