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Thread: digital camera software

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    digital camera software

    Can anyone help? I have been given a second hand digital camera, but without the software. I have some software on my pc, bt it doesn't seem to work to be able to transfer photo's onto the pc (ulead photo express/picture it express). The camera is a Han Shing HS-308 6.6m pixels, 16mb internal memory with SD/MMC card support. What software do I need and where can I get it from - please help!

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    digital camera software

    A quick web search found this page, with a link to a driver update...don't know if it'll help:

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    digital camera software

    I don't see why this is on this forumn, but why not buy a card reader for about $20? On my PCs this then becomes the equivalent of a drive (or rather a set of them, one for each kind of card) and one can just use Window Explorer to transfer files anywhere.

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    digital camera software

    I have the exact same camera. email me if the updated driver is not enough and i may be able to upload the installer somewhere. change the 0 to o. i hate email crawlers.

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    digital camera software

    I have just brought a han shig 4 in 1 digital camera with soft wear i am not shore if it is the same camera.If it sounds like the same one let me know,i have not got the camera yet i just brought it of ebay
    PS are they a good camera?

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    digital camera software

    I recently bought a used sinar F-1. It did not come with the software can someone help me find the latest driver, and tell me how to change resolutions? Another thing, where does the little flash card thingy go? ;^)

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