Hi All,

Just wanted to share my experience of a weekends workshop learning Wet Plate Collodion with John Brewer here in the UK.

The course started on Saturday morning and, before I knew it, finished late Sunday evening. The time just flew past - I can honestly say that I not enjoyed myself so much for some time. Getting to grips with the "manual handling" skills of everything from cleaning the glass plates and pouring through to varnishing the finished article was great fun - getting collodion down my sleeves as I struggled to make the perfect pour at the beginning of the weekend just one of the highlights.

Once I saw the results of my first plates, I was absolutely hooked! So now I'm busy pulling together all the bits and pieces to make my own plates at home.

John was a very patient and knowledgeable teacher and was able to steer us through the process so that on the Sunday we were making plates almost unattended. So now I sit here with a range of plates made on Glass, Aluminium and Black Acrylic - some ok, some very nice (at least to me - a beginner) and really looking forward to doing this at home.

Cheers, Tim

A few from the workshop.

Still life 1

Still life 2

Portrait (A fellow Student)