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Thread: “There’s no shot around here – time to head home.”

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    Re: “There’s no shot around here – time to head home.”

    Quote Originally Posted by Heroique View Post
    Let’s say you’re out in the landscape, looking for a pleasing composition.

    “There’s no shot,” you finally decide. “Not around here. Not in this light, not with my gear.”

    You head for home, a bit crestfallen.

    Whose fault is this?

    You’re not really going to blame the landscape or your gear, are you?
    Well, the gear I have is selected to facilitate making the sorts of images I like. I can't control the light. If I don't see an image I like, for whatever reason, I just go home. No biggie. (smiling smiley)
    One man's Mede is another man's Persian.

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    Re: “There’s no shot around here – time to head home.”

    Interesting, I’ve noticed two camps – evenly divided I’d say – about how to start seeing shots that just don’t seem to be there:

    The first likes going through the “shot-taking” motions to lure inspiration; the second prefers to just stop, relax, or walk away ... and maybe return later.

    Both have worked for me, but the first has produced a greater number of favorite compositions.

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    Re: “There’s no shot around here – time to head home.”

    It is interesting to read the views on this.

    I used to take my digital camera as well as my LF stuff just to take a photo of something even knowing inside that ultimately it was going to be no good. Now I don't bother and just enjoy getting out and having a walk. If I manage to see anything I am happy with that's an added bonus.

    Looking through the image sharing part of the forum however (most recently on the leaves thread) shows that there are potential compositions everywhere, and it seems to be more about thinking about potential images in ways I ordinarily would not have considered (such as the small instead of the large view). I know I will have having a good look at the leaves next time I am out and about, which is something I would not even have considered at all before looking through that thread in particular. If there is no shot to be found at the time, it's probably my fault, but I might find it some time in the future.

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    Re: “There’s no shot around here – time to head home.”

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael E View Post
    Fault? You don't have a legal right to a great shot every time you leave the house. I recommend reading Minor White...

    And, some days I just don't feel it. I can't force it, so those days I go do other things, like explore new trails.

    Bruce Watson

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    Re: “There’s no shot around here – time to head home.”

    I don't bother with consolation snapshots. Though I do share your disappointment in having nothing to process and print from the excursion.

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    Re: “There’s no shot around here – time to head home.”

    I dont like going home with nothing, I also don't like paying $12 AUD to get a 4x5 slide processed knowing full well the image on it has no feeling, no meaning. its just a shot to make me feel like I achieved something on the day..

    I do enjoy bushwalking and hiking so going for a 15km walk through the forest in search of good light is fine with me, If I get a shot or two, awesome, if not, well... next time. film and processing is too expensive to shoot willy nilly..
    Chamonix 045N-2 - 65/5.6 - 90/8 - 210/5.6 - Fomapan 100 & T-Max 100 in Rodinal

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    Re: “There’s no shot around here – time to head home.”

    Creative Self-Portraits Captured Inside an Airplane Lavatory
    A Fascinating Look at the Microscopic World Inside One Drop of Water
    Macro Shots Using a Canon 5D Mark II with a 4×5 Large Format Camera

    There's lots more ideas on that site.
    When I was starting out with my Pentax 6x7, a coworker told me about a book from Kodak. It started with a shot of the Earth from orbit, with the caption, "Number of subjects: 1." The next shot was of a satellite photograph, the next was aerial and so on, and finally zooming into the microscopic range, and always increasing the subject count.

    So the next time you're in a bathroom stall with some time on your hands, make a self portrait!
    "It's the way to educate your eyes. Stare. Pry, listen, eavesdrop. Die knowing something. You are not here long." - Walker Evans

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    Re: “There’s no shot around here – time to head home.”

    Quote Originally Posted by Leigh View Post
    For some reason, practice is not considered "normal" for a photographer like it is for a musician.

    Even when I'm not inspired, I can find something to shoot that challenges my technique or process, even if it's not exciting.

    - Leigh
    Only those large format photographers who haven't read Bruce Barlow's Finely Focused think that practice is not important/required.

    Bruce is singularly responsible for my M&Ms addiction.


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    Re: “There’s no shot around here – time to head home.”

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Watson View Post

    And, some days I just don't feel it. I can't force it, so those days I go do other things, like explore new trails.
    I am of the same mind. I call it "having the mojo". Some days I see compositions when I have the mojo and some days I can't find a composition to save myself. My buddies call it "The Harley Daze", when I just wander around and can't see diddly-squat.

    It just doesn't work for me if I am not seeing things. The images are rotten without exception.

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    Re: “There’s no shot around here – time to head home.”

    If I can't see the exact shot I want then I go home. I do a lot more scouting than shooting. I usually keep notes of each possible shot and I plan my shot in advance. I agree with Mr. Goldman that forced shots "are rotten without exception." Shooting just to be shooting is a waste of film and time. I think we have to get away from the idea that a trip is a failure without making exposures. It is necessary to turn down the many bad shots so that we can throughly prepare for the few good ones. You can't hit what you don't see. If you are seeing poorly then go home. Tomorrow will come soon enough.

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