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Thread: Becher technical info

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    Becher technical info

    One of the nice things under my Christmas tree this year was "Industrial Facades" by the Bernd and Hilla Becher. It's a beautiful book! I'm guessing that the images were made from at least a 4x5. I'm guessing from image tonality that most of the negs were probably Tri-X developed in Rodinol but I don't know for sure.

    Anybody have more precise info on Becher technique?


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    Becher technical info

    I don't know anything about these photographers (though from the title the book sounds interesting). However, it's very difficult to know what format was used, much less what film and developer, when you're looking only at reproductions in a book. Every time I've seen an original print of well known photographs previously seen only in books I was surprised at the difference, even with the best reproductions.
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    Becher technical info

    I believe they shoot 5x7 and only in overcast light, as you can see. Finding a strong shadow in any of their prints is like Where's Waldo. I'm particularly fond of their book Blast Furnaces. Art in America had a interview with them that was published about a year and a half ago. They talked a little tech. Dia Beacon has a room devoted to their work. The prints there are 20x24, I think, and held together fine>>> they're about detail and devoted to the mid- tones... kind of flat, but still intriguing. The show they had at Sonnebend last year had prints that were 30x40? and larger. Most of those were pretty smooth toned as well.

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    Becher technical info

    Restricting yourself to overcast days only when shooting in Germany probably cuts down possible shooting days to around 340 per year.

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    Becher technical info

    AFAIK they used primarily 5x7 and Plaubel cameras.

    The article in Art in America can be found here:

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