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    Question Mo' Lens Questions

    I've asked before, but have had differing input so I'll ask again - using a 5x7 w/22" of bellows extension (it's a Seneca City View), Im interested in mostly landscapes, but will probably do some architecture,too. What would be a REASONABLE lens kit? I don't have Powerball money, so it's got to be reasonable - I've got about $2K to spend. I've already got a Schneider Super Angulon 210mm as my standard, but was thinking about adding a 90 & 360. Someone said I should add a 120-150 in the middle & the camera store said to definitely add a 75! So, what do you think? 90 - 120 - 210 - 360? Or something else? Thanks for all the help you guys always give. How about filters - is a Lee kit pretty good & reasonably priced? Thanks.
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