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Thread: polaroid 545 question

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    polaroid 545 question

    I have recently got my 4x5 equipment and with it came a 545 polaroid back. I've read in a couple locations that it can not be used with current films, and the exact opposite it can be used. Can I use this back for polaroid film?

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    Re: polaroid 545 question

    I have the same back and yes you can use it but only on Polaroid film that gets rarer by the minute.

    The kind of Polaroid you're looking for is Polaroid sheet film such as Type 55, 53, and fact, I believe all 50 series Polaroid film are 4x5 sheets: that is, they are individually packaged.

    The current Fuji 4x5 instant pack film can only be used on a Polaroid 550 back or Fuji PA-45.

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    Re: polaroid 545 question

    Polaroid stopped making peel-apart instant film in single sheets some years ago. That's the film that fits in the 545. You might find some being sold out of private hoards, though it will be expensive and subject to "post-expiration artifacts."

    Fuji now makes instant film in packs, both in 3-1/4 x 4-1/4, and in 4x5. The 4x5 seems to be in greater jeopardy of discontinuance, but it's still available, though only in color in the U.S. Both use Fuji or Polaroid pack film holders.

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