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Thread: Two way barn doors?

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    Two way barn doors?

    I have a few Mole 407 spots on the way. The lights are rough but everything works fine. I plan on restoring the lights so they look nice. They have the original two way barn doors on them but I am wondering how useful the two ways are. I guess I can get a little control out of them.

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    Re: Two way barn doors?

    Mole sells spray cans of their signature red paint. Two way barn doors work well, the 4 way are better IMHO. Nice units.
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    Re: Two way barn doors?

    two way barn doors only get you half way. Ok for gels but not for controlling light. Whenever lamp docs deliver them, we attempt to swap them out.

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    Re: Two way barn doors?

    I found one set of four way doors already and there seems to be plenty of used accessories around for the Moles. I guess I will go with the original Mole paint. It really is a funky color,but it is Mole. I mean, nothing else is that color.

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