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Thread: Doubts about this Tech III

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    Thank you very much for your interest in respond my questions. The reason a thinking in a Tech III is beacuse I'm in low budget. But now I thinking maybe I can buy a monorail camera instead a folding. They are bigger but more cheep too. And being realistic is better for my economy. Now I'm looking at sinars F (+). For clear the subjets around this thread, that maybe can help other people, I have two more questions:

    Bill_1856 say it will cost hundreds the bellows, but doing a search on ebay I found prices around 90 dollars like this one

    I found several backs like this one It seems like a tech IV back. This backs match the tech III too?


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    Re: Doubts about this Tech III

    Hi Nadar,

    I happily used a Tech III for 10 years or so. The lack of front tilt can be overcome by dropping the bed, raising the front and tilting the front back to parallel. Then you'll have your modest front tilt.

    I "upgraded" to a Linhof Color, basically a Tech IV on a monorail. The back was like your last Ebay link, without the hood. To my surprise the back of my old Tech III (1954) fits perfectly in my Color, (1963). The bellows of my TechIII are of leather, and still excellent. The bellows of my Color are synthetic, and during my last session in freezing conditions I literately teared it apart, I am now waiting on a Chinese replacement (from the same vendor you link above, had sme lens boards from the same vendour, they are nice, but shipping, as he mentions, is sloooow..)).

    Having said that: the TechII looks like nothing but trouble, it's in very bad shape, mine almost looks as if it was made a couple of years ago.

    gppd luck,


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