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Thread: Brisbane LF meetup thread.

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    Re: Brisbane LF meetup thread.

    It will be nice to meet up

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    Re: Brisbane LF meetup thread.

    Hello Brisbane LF People!
    It sure has been quiet around here. If you aren't busy next Friday be sure to head over to Foto Frenzy in Cooparoo for the opening of my new exhibition Ookił Tsť!
    The show runs for 3 weeks and features images from Utah, Western Australia and Queensland.
    We should organise another gathering - it's been ages!

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    Re: Brisbane LF meetup thread.

    Everyone still alive? Will have to organise a gathering/meetup some time soon..
    Chamonix 045N-2 - 65/5.6 - 90/8 - 210/5.6 - Fomapan 100 & T-Max 100 in Rodinal

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    Re: Brisbane LF meetup thread.

    Just a note that I found a group called Master's Apprentices in Brisbane ... Apparently the group does have some film guys / gals. The next meeting on Wed has Craig Tuffin as a presenter. Perhaps those in close proximity to Brisbane might have a group of likeminded people here ?

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    Re: Brisbane LF meetup thread.

    Hi, I am so glad there is still some life in LF around the southern qld area. I will be keeping an eye open to see if you venture up to my part of the woods. I live in Stanthorpe and would love to host something at sometime. I have a dark room and many old interesting cameras, including a ill fitting (size wise) Hunter and Penrose in working order. I must admit I have never actually shot sheet film, preferring to cut up my own film xray film.

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