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Thread: The Right Chair for a Workstation

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    Re: The Right Chair for a Workstation

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Cienfuegos View Post
    How about a chair for us 5'6" 235# short fat guys? My short, fat little legs need something that won't cut off circulation. The kitty generally stays off my chairs, she prefers the sofa arms for her shredding exercises.
    inflatable gym ball... make your core work.

    and a gym membership :P

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    Re: The Right Chair for a Workstation

    Got the Aeron with tilt, adjustable arms, the usual black carbon. Guy told me they make 8,000 a week and 6,000 are black. That's 400K chairs a year at $800 a pop or a $320M business. Damn.

    Anyway my butt feels like a million bucks.

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    Re: The Right Chair for a Workstation

    I'm recently having to take sitting more seriously myself. Checked out the Aeron and then the Embody. It has to be experienced. The wallet needs a whole lot of persuasion. Weighing the long term benefit is the best and possibly only rationale.

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    Re: The Right Chair for a Workstation

    If you're looking for just $200 budget, I suggest you take a look on Lorell Executive High-Back Chair. It's mesh back so it feels cooler and it has high backrest, better support for your back, bro.

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