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Thread: VC Cover Photo

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    VC Cover Photo

    Is it just me, or does anyone else notice the awful cyan cast in the cover photograph by Jeff Kay on the Nov/Dec View Camera magazine. A decent portrait but I cannot get by the cyan cast on the top half of the image, seems to me, very unbecomming to a portrait. Paul

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    VC Cover Photo


    You're spot on in regards to your comment...kind of reminds me of the color of an anoxic newborn!

    Just in case you're interested...I've just started buying a relatively new publication called, "Fine Art Photo, The Magazine for Sensual Photography." It's a beautiful magazine that offers images produced via 35mm => 21/4 => Large Fomat. It's beautifully printed on high quality stock and, although it's fairly expensive (CDN$15.50), it's a first-rate magazine! I believe it's printed in Germany.

    And, there's not a cyanotic image to be found in the entire publication!

    Have a peek... I know the image quality will astound you like it did me!

    Life in the fast lane!

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    VC Cover Photo

    Just a little bit more info on Henry's post. The magazine used to be called Nude&Photo. They have changed the title of the magazine but the content is still heavily towards nude photography.

    You can check their site at, it is in english and the magazine seems to be very good. They also have a free pfd sampler to download.

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    VC Cover Photo

    Most of what was published in the last VC issue left me cold. Just like Playboy, it seems I'm buying the magazine for an article or two. Never the pictures. The magazine costs nearly $7 an issue. Hmmmm.

    The portrait on the front cover was unremarkable, IMO.

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    VC Cover Photo

    Most of what was published in the last VC issue left me cold.

    What and who would you like to see?

    steve simmons

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    VC Cover Photo

    Jorge Gasteazoro would be fun. He is a mystery photographer in Mexico.

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    VC Cover Photo

    Nick Nixon, Geoffrey James, Gabrielle Basilico, John Davies, Joel Sternfeld, Stephen Shore, Richard Misrach, Sugimoto (fascinating technical as well as conceptual issues - 2x infinity, extreme time exposures etc), Joel Meyerowitz - did you do anything on his whole WTC work?, Jim Cooke, Sally Mann (new work), Lynne Cohen, Elger Essers etc (I know a few of these have turned up in the past)

    Articles on photographers such as these and others doing intelligent committed projects. (the Chris Jordan one was very good).

    And in architecture, for another example - the way many design and architectural publications are moving away from the "straight/standard" architectural style of the last 30 years to more interesting, personal and conceptual work.

    Maybe something on the Becher Babies as a whole - such a big phenomenon and most of them using LF. Something explaining their approach and context, along with the work (either love em or hate em) - the recent Struth article was a bit of a dud - terrible, reproduction and not a very well written piece? reading responses to it, it seemed it merely confirmed peoples existing prejudices against "art" photographers rather then enlighten and possibly enthuse them.
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    VC Cover Photo


    Thanks for taking the time to make a very thoughtful response. We will save your comments and beging working on them.


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    VC Cover Photo


    I was at a gallery opening Friday night for David Michael Kennedy.

    David has a new body of work shot in 4x5 Type 55 and printed 20x24 (Sepia toned) portraying the plight of the American Indian which is very expressive emotionally strong. Different than what David has done before, but very important none the less.

    This work would be an incredibly poignant piece for your magazine.


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    VC Cover Photo

    Steve - Kudos for being a real professional and not only accepting a critical comment but offering a gracious hand to accept recommendations for future subject matter.

    Tim and Michael - I respect both of you for your photographic knowledge base and your willingness to share it with Steve and the rest of us. If it can translate to communicating this information to others via this forum or the magazine, we will all be the better for it.

    Fabulous exchange!

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