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Thread: Found Photographs

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    Re: Found Photographs

    Quote Originally Posted by Tin Can View Post
    Looks like a Warhol.

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    Re: Found Photographs

    Looks more like a Weegee to me.

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    Re: Found Photographs

    I got the negative in a box with a like new Speed 4X5, from a big collection in Ohio.

    I assume the seller shot it 1951 as the license plate is 1951 Ohio, the Speed was made 1951.

    I bought from a son of the collector directly out their Toledo home.

    He collected any and all photo gear, found almost no negatives or prints and we searched the entire large home.

    Found SF lenses in a safe, the good Leicas inside a very nice piano in an immaculate home.

    One bedroom was FULL as was 1/2 the basement.

    The son told me his father went to camera swaps every weekend...

    The family planned to get a dumpster.

    I advised sell.

    They did.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Noel View Post
    Looks more like a Weegee to me.

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