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Thread: Permanence of non-carbon/sepia Piezography

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    Permanence of non-carbon/sepia Piezography

    I understand that the sepia/carbon Piezography ink set is the most permanent of the Piezography ink sets from inkjet.mall. And the Eboni-6 ink set from is also very permanent.

    Two questions.

    1. In terms of permanence how do the Epson UC and K3 inksets compare to the Piezography non sepia/carbon ink sets (selenium, warm neutral, etc.) when using QTR to make monochrome prints?

    2. Piezography with sepia/carbon ink set seems much more popular than Eboni-6. Is this because the results are superior, or is it because Piezography is more of a plug and play system with the supplied K7 QTR profiles?

    3. Could the Eboni-6 pigments, which cost a lot less than Piezography K7, be diluted to work with the K7 profiles supplied with QTR?

    Thanks in advance for any comments.

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