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Thread: Making a scanner with a DSLR

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    Re: Making a scanner with a DSLR

    How do you mount a Rodagon to a Nikon?

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    Re: Making a scanner with a DSLR

    Extension tube/bellows with an f-mount to 39mm adapter.
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    Re: Making a scanner with a DSLR

    I'm just trying to render first HP5+:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    (later i have to find how to get results directly with non deformed rectangle)

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    Re: Making a scanner with a DSLR

    Do you have any build pics or details on the film carrier itself? Very interesting machine.

    For the pincushion distortion, I'd start by not using Panini projection for output, you should be able to use Planar or Orthographic projection settings. Be sure to assign a very long focal length lens, do not use the actual focal length, try 1000 - 2000mm to start with.

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    Re: Making a scanner with a DSLR

    HP5+ is quite coarse so it is more about trying to get all the grain in this case. Another side should be color film or films with lower ISO in general.

    I know that planar should be the best but this time i got worse deformation with planar projection setting so it is reason why it is panini this time. There was possible to set top and bottom line more correct than in other projections. I didn't tried higher focal length than 999. Sooner it was maximal focal length so i set 999 mm. If it is possible to set longer now i will test it later.

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    Re: Making a scanner with a DSLR

    I stopped rendering after more than day (deghosting was like a stuck) and surprised me that it is possible write down really looong numbers. It should be better than before and with planar projection.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    ------------later progress-----
    ops :-) it looks like very hight numbers aren't the best. Some __.cpp error and RMS fall from 2.14 to 193.96. I have to try some uncropped number.
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    Re: Making a scanner with a DSLR

    Daniel Moore: thanks for the tip, 2000mm seems to be the best. And RMS raised to great 1.4.

    Update: well done, 65 GB file after crop and grayscale working space.

    Update: for demonstration, here is 700 Mpx version (but retouching is not finished): (zipped JPG file, 502 MB)
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