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Thread: gelatin filters for toyo compendium

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    gelatin filters for toyo compendium

    Hello all:

    I am considering getting a Toyo conpendium for my VX125 and I notice that it has a slot and holders to accomodate 3, 4, and 5" gelatin filters. I have never used such filters and after looking at B&H I am more confused. Under the catagory "gelatin" filters they list Kodak as gelatin, but Lee's are listed as polyester, and opti-flex as resin.

    Can you explain the terminology abaove and let me know if any of you have had experience with the Toyo compendium and the use of these types of filters rather than the screw on glass kind.

    Thanks for any help you can give...

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    gelatin filters for toyo compendium


    I have the Toyo Compendium and have used it to secure filters in front of the lens.

    There are three cardboard folders supplied to accommodate 3 inch, 4 inch and 5 inch filters. Each has a recessed square 'frame' into which the filter is placed and naturally the appropriate sized aperture.

    What difference the various materials make to image quality is unknown to me. I have some Lee Polyester filters in the black & white contrast control series and they seem to work fine. The Polyester is a little more rigid and possibly a little thicker than the Wratten Gels.

    My Toyo hood is used with an 810M Mk II field camera and it is the hood itself that I am less than enthused about. With a 300mm Apo-Symmar as my 'standard lens' I have often found that the hood vignettes, especially if lateral shift is applied. There is less of a problem with a Nikkor-M 450mm but I would suggest the hood is very restricting with shorter lenses.

    As I see it we are talking a design flaw here. The articulated arms that vary the extension and pitch of the hood ONLY function in a vertical orientation. The size of the front of the hood is partly dictated by the means of support and attachment from the top of the lens standard and this grossly restricts extension and movement with regard to unimpinged view.

    I also have Sinar 5 inch series holders and filters and recently learned that I could get new filters made by the folk in Wales that some kind person here advised of. I priced them and each filter is 5.00 (UK availability) cheaper than Heliopan multi-coated screw-in filters in 105mm (which is what's needed for the 300mm) . I guess you know which way I'll be going. Meanwhile the hood goes relatively unused.

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    gelatin filters for toyo compendium


    Could you measure the inside dimension of your shade for me? I'm curious about its use for the 8x10 format and a 300mm Symmar-s. Is it just too small an opening to allow sufficient movement for use? Also, what extension is possible from the rear of the shade as it is mounted for the lens, to the front of the shade? Would a larger box assembly (bigger box, inside dimensions) be better for what you do? What dimension do you think would be ideal for the 8x10 format as you use it? Thank you.

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    gelatin filters for toyo compendium

    Scott - the filter tracks on the Toyo shade is at the front of the shade, and requires a stiff paper filter holder about 113mm square. Thus, the standard 100mm or 4" filters are too small without inserting them in the larger holder frame. The tracks are at the top and bottom of the shade, so filters are inserted from right to left, as seen from the ground-glass side of the camera. There is a stop pin on the left side. As such, the shade's filter holder won't work for graduated filters that need to be adjusted vertically. The positioning of the filter tracks at the front of the shade also raise potential flare issues.

    Tim - the inside measurement of the circular portion of the shade that fits over the lens is about 101mm, meaning it will go over lenses that use 95mm filters, but not the 300mm Symmar that uses 105mm filters. The shade's ring fits just inside the outer edge of the filter threads on the 300mm Symmar. The maximum extension of the compendium part of the shade is about 110mm, and about 130mm to the back of the circular protrusion. The suspension rods allow the shade to be moved forward about 43mm, for a maximum clearance of about 35mm from the front of the lens board. So, it's not convenient to use with the 300mm Symmar, as it won't clear enough to lift out of the way. It's designed to be used on the 4x5 field cameras that use a 110mm lens board.

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    gelatin filters for toyo compendium


    Please forgive the delay work gets in the way doesn't it?

    The Toyo hood illustrated is a similar design to the one you need (and I have) but the sizes are quite different. Here goes:

    Standard Rails at top allow movement of the hood along 7cm of rod. This can be lengthened by accessory extenders.

    The internal diameter of the round rear protrusion which surrounds the lens is 127mm

    The internal dimensions of the front aperture of the hood are 125mm x 125mm

    The extended length of the bellows hood from the plate which attaches to the rails to the front aperture is 135mm

    There are metal channels at the front of the hood for sliding in mattes of one kind or another and there is a pin to limit the extent to which such mattes may be pushed through (horizontal orientation ONLY)

    The filter slot for the afforementioned cardboard filter holders is a part of the plastic rear flange assembly and is 2mm thick and 140mm wide.

    Use of the compendium hood device prohibits the use of grads that need to slide for positioning.

    The entire device WITHOUT filter holders weighs 320 grammes.

    It is a handsome device but is limited in practicality. The hinged means of attachment also means that it can get a bit of a bounce happening in a strong breeze. Not the only concern in such a situation but certainly an unwelcome extra annoyance to be countered.

    What is there left to say?

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    gelatin filters for toyo compendium

    Walter & Ralph,

    Thank you for the information. I appreciate the time needed for this type of answer.

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