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Thread: A suggestion to forum appearance

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    A suggestion to forum appearance

    >Now the author of a thread is displayed immediately after the subject line. It >would be much better to have a separate column for subject and author.

    I'm with Severi. I'd be happy just if the subject/author line didn't wrap. Maybe make the title field accept more characters. There is a lot of space on the other side of the Posted/Last Reply area.

    >Dear I say...."Don't change a thing". This ain't Photo.Net. Let's keep it that way.

    >--Mike Kravit, 2003-10-16 19:22:11

    Dear (Dare) I say too...'s latest change is lame. It makes no sense. However, I think this change does.

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    A suggestion to forum appearance

    Its great just the way it is. My $.02

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    A suggestion to forum appearance

    Now I feel "dare" I make such a daring error in my dear old spelling procedure. Shame on me. ;-)

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