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Thread: Arca Swiss Compatability

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    Arca Swiss Compatability

    : I would like to know if the latest ArcaSwiss cameras have any compatabilities with my Basic B 4 x 5 (I've had this for 20 years), such as bag bellows, lensboa rds, standard frames and monorail sections. The Discover 4 x 5 looks almost like a reincarnation of the old Basic series.

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    Arca Swiss Compatability

    You have probably gotten the answers you want by now but here goes: "Basic"ally, no. Except for the lens boards. You might however be able to interchange the st andard frames onto to the current function carriers, but i am not sure why you w ould want to do this. Unfortunately the bellows are not interchangable between t he current "F" and "M" line cameras and the older series as the locking mechanis ms on the standard frames and on the bellows frames have changed. The Basic stil l seems like an excellent field camera. If you are looking for spare parts or a second body, maybe even a 6x9cm body, E-Mail me nad I can point you to a good so urce. Ellis Vener

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