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Thread: Prontor Press Perdicament

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    Prontor Press Perdicament

    The Prontor Press shutter with the 127 Ysaron arrived. The front element unscrews easily enough but the rear element---is there some kind of trick to remove it? No grooves for a spanner(there are grooves for a spanner on the retaining ring though) and whats left of the element to grab on to is about 3/8ths" of thread that would be probably darn near impossible to get a purchase on without damaging the threads. Any suggestions??
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    Prontor Press Perdicament

    John, I don't know that lens but you might try a very small strap wrench or just a piece of sheet rubber to give you a grip. Whatever you do, don't use pliers! Paul

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    Prontor Press Perdicament

    I'll second the sheet rubber recc. I keep several scraps of bike tire innertube rubber on my desk just for this purpose. Lay the rubber down flat and and push the lens down against it and turn. (in a pinch I've unstuck filters by using the worn-flat bottom of my sneakers as a friction pad) Tracy
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