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Thread: Ansco 130

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    Ansco 130

    Does anyone here use Ansco 130 paper developer? It seems that there is only one supplier of Glycin in the US and I am wondering whether I should give it a try.

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    Ansco 130

    there's this stuff - not sure if it's the same. Haven't tried it.

    as well as, I think, Photogpraphers Formulary
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    Ansco 130

    Hi Cecil,

    About ten years ago, when Forte first introduced their warmtoned paper, I talked to the chief chemist at Alta Chemicals in Oaklahoma. He had just formulated a warmtone developer that was designed to be used with the new Forte warmtone paper. It was called Zonal Pro HQ warmtone Paper Developer. He hinted that the developer was similar to Ansco 130. I assumed it contained glycin. When I tried it with the Forte warmtone paper, it gave a beautiful result. Similar to a platinum/paladium tone. The formula is proprietory, so I cannot verify that it actually contains glycin.

    The Zonal Pro developer and the Forte paper are available at B&H, in N.Y., in your neck of the woods. It's worth a look see. It may save you time and money. As far as I know, Photographer's Formulary is the only supplier of photographic grade glycin in the US. Perhaps, in the entire world.

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    Ansco 130

    Ansco 130 is available from Photographers Formulary, and it's beautiful stuff. It gives almost an Amidol quality, and (unlike Amidol) seems to last forever.
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    Ansco 130

    Agfa/Ansco 130 is very similar to Dektol with the addition of Glycin. You can make essentially the same thing by adding Glycin and some Potassium bromide to Dektol. Glycin 11 grams/liter of stock, Bromide 3 grams/liter of stock. 130 is less likely to produce greenish blacks. The only problem with Glycin is its high cost. For comparison here are the two formulas.

    Kodak D-72 (Dektol) Stock Solution Water 500.0 ml Metol 3.1 grams Sodium Sulfite, dessicated 45.0 grams Hydroquinone 12.0 grams Sodium Carbonate, monohydrated 79.0 grams Potassium Bromide 1.9 grams Water to make 1.0 liter

    Agfa/Ansco 130 Stock Solution Water (at 125F or 52C) 750.0 ml Metol 2.2 grams Sodium Sulfite, dessicated 50.0 grams Hydroquinone 11.0 grams Sodium Carbonate, monohydrated 78.0 grams Potassium Bromide 5.5 grams Glycin 11.0 grams Water to make 1.0 liter

    Dilution for both is the same.

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    Ansco 130

    I just looked, and B&H has Photographer's Formulary 130 paper developer in stock. It is available in several sizes.

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    Ansco 130

    I've been using the Formularies 130 developer for years and it does give beautiful results. I can suggest getting the kit directly from the formulary as glycin doesn't keep well in powdered form and the stuff in their kits is always fresh.

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    Ansco 130

    i have been using 130 for about 2+ years now for prints as well as for film. if you like what it does for prints, you will probably like it as a film developer.

    when it was sold as gaf universal developer, the can used to say "film 1:5 68 6 1/2 mins, agitate" i recommend that you use it at about 72 and depending on its age, you kind of vary the development times ... i develop by inspection so i really have no idea how long i actually develop for, maybe around 7-7.5 mins.

    if you order it from the formulary, ask them to send it to you with the freshest glycin they have. they make it every week.
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    Ansco 130

    So what is the shelf life of Glycin? I ordered some from Formulary ealy last week (without knowing it has "keeping" problems) and now wonder whether I'll be able to use it up before it goes bad (100 grams). Any way of storing the stuff to extend its half-life?

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    Ansco 130

    Ansco 130 is wonderful. Lasts a long long time even as working solution. Print, pour it into a bottle and use it next time. I don't know how long this can go on as I usually throw it out when its a couple of months old or I've done lots of prints. I use a sloppy replenishment scheme, simply adding some stock to the used developer if it seems slow or low contrast., add 100ml or so (to two liters) to bring it back up. It gets brown and funky and still works great. When starting fresh I dilute 1:3.

    As Richard Knoppow stated above it does NOT give greenish blacks (which give me the creeps). I get neutral to warm results which suits me exactly. Higher dilutions give warmer prints. I use it on Ilford RC, fiber and Bergger fiber papers. Nice fluffy high tones and deep neutral to black chocolate blacks. One minute with RC, three minutes for fiber. 130 likes to be warm - keep your tray 72-75 degrees F.

    Glycin is not that hard to keep. Keep it cool and sealed up tightly with no air space in the package. I have some over a year old and its still good. When fresh mine has been creamy white, I understand as it goes bad it gets dark. In solution it keeps longer. Ansco 130 stock will keep at least 6 months with no change that I can detect, I suspect it'll go longer than that without any problem if its well sealed in glass with no air.

    I'll second John Nanian's comments about 130 as a film developer. It works pretty well!

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