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Thread: Third party inks for Epson?

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    Third party inks for Epson?

    Hi, all -

    I have an Epson 1280, which I love, but it's an ink hog. New inks are exorbitantly expensive; I'm pondering third party inks as an alternative. I use the printer mainly for proofing and copies for the inlaws, so museum levels of archivability aren't important.

    Has anyone got a supplier they like? New cartridges or refills? Lemme hear it. II'm looking for decent quality, but cost effectiveness.


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    Re: Third party inks for Epson?

    If you think 1280 ink is expensive, try one of the pigment printers. As a dye printer, your images from the 1280 are not archival anyway. IMHO, the potential hassles from third party inks are simply not worth it. Look online for prices, maybe someone can suggest a good supplier. I have an excellent local store who give me a discount for my membership in a local group. Good luck.

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    Re: Third party inks for Epson?

    I was gonna suggest, but it appears your 1280 is getting old and less supported. I've used inkjetmall for my 2880 and it's a big cost savings.

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