The Midwest Large Format asylum will meet for the October, Saturday the 15th outing (always the 3rd Saturday of the month) in Milwaukee.

Early shooting will be at Bradford Beach. Sunrise is 7:05 so we will start gathering any time after 6:30.

Breakfast will be at 8 at:
Original Pancake House
2625 N. Downer Avenue
Milwaukee 53211

Lunch will be at:
Oscar's on Pierce
1712 W. Pierce St.
Milwaukee 53204

The plan after breakfast is to hit Buckley Park, Klode Park, Kletsch Park & Sheridan Parkl Beach. We will also tour a couple darkrooms of our friends who live in the Milwaukee area.

Hope you can join us. We all carry walkie talkies & will be on channel 7. More information on our outings can be found in the forum section of

Rick Tapio