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Thread: Filter adapters for Ektar lenses

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    Filter adapters for Ektar lenses

    I have a couple of classic Ektar lenses (105mm F3.7 for my Century Graphic and 203mm F7.7 for my 4x5 view camera). I have push-on filter adapters that allow me to mount Series VI filters. What I am looking for is a Series VI to 49mm adapter so that I can use the 49mm filters that I have for my other lenses. I haven't had any luck finding such adapters at the usual sites (B&H, Filter Connection, etc).

    Can anyone recommend a source for such adapters?

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    Filter adapters for Ektar lenses

    The best source I can recommend is SRB in Luton, England. They provided me with a nice and cheap push-on fit adapter for my Ektar 203 7.7 that takes the 52mm filters and shades which I tend to use with most of my other LF lenses for 5x4in format. (75, 135, 150, 180). The only ones I can't use with a 52mm with are the Nikkor SW90, S.Angulon XL90 and S. Angulon 121, because they have such large front elements. In the case of the 90XL, it is excessively large. Although a superb lens, I find it a struggle to use with my 5x4 Linhofs.

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    Filter adapters for Ektar lenses

    I have several of those type of adapter rings, from series to mm sizes. Unfortunately I found them over ten years ago, and I can't remember where they came from, probably some obscure advertiser in Shutterbug. They were new then, not 'New Old Stock', but have no brand names either. I know that's not much help, but they do exist. So don't give up hope!

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