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Thread: how old are we?

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    Re: how old are we?

    47 years old

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    Re: how old are we?

    I am 60 this year, and I have been using 4x5 cameras since 1987 when I went to Ivy Tech for Commercial Photography. I got bitten by the b&w bug, and realized that the only way I could have complete control over my negatives, was to shoot sheet film. So, I fell in love with the whole process, and never looked back!

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    Re: how old are we?

    Almost 64 years old with 3 LF 4x5 cameras (Cambo, MPP, VDS) used regularly, 3 MF: Mamyia RB67 and S23, Yashica Mat (both 2 or 3 times/year), 3 Nikon F100 (quite often), Nikon D750 (often) and Fuji X100T (often). Which give more pleasure to use? Guess: VDS, F100... and D750. LF exclusively in B&W (Fomapan to lower the cost).

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